How to Share Calendar Event on iPhone? [Perfect Guide]

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A calendar can be called as your smart diaries for the smart generation. You don’t have to keep the record of the things on your schedule, just put it on the calendar and it will remind you as per your preferences. iPhone allows you to create a list of your important events on your iPhone calendar. Your iPhone calendar is saved on your iCloud account.

So once you have created an event, you will have it on any iOS device you run with that iCloud ID. You can also share your calendars with your friends or family. Here is how to do that.

If you wonder how to share calendar event on iPhone just follow the below-given step by step guide.

Steps to Share Calendar Event on iPhone

  • Launch Calendar

Launch the Calendar application on your iPhone. It is an inbuilt app on your device. Locate it and tap on it to launch it.

  • View Calendars

Locate the “Calendars” option at the top left of your screen. Tap on it to view the list of your Calendar events. The list contains your calendars like Work, Anniversary, Reading, etc.

  • Mark Calendars

Tap at the left of the calendar event you want to share. It will checkmark the list. This can be seen at the left of the events where you had tapped.

  • View options

Now when your calendar is selected, tap on the button, located at the right of the chosen calendar. It has a white triangle in a blue circle. It will show you more options for your chosen calendar. This option contains Share, Colour (of the events), Delete Calendar, etc.

  • Share Calendar

Tap on the “Add Person” field, located at the top of your screen under the Share section. It will allow you to share your Calendar.

  • Select Contact

Tapping on “Add Person” will display a blank field on the screen. Enter the contact name you want to share your calendar event with. Once done, tap the “Add” button, located at the top right of your screen. It will send an invitation to the person you have selected to share your calendars with.

Once the person has accepted your invitation, they will be able to add events to your calendars.

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Your chosen contact can now access the calendar event you have shared with them. They can edit and update the event. If you edit or update the event, they will get updated. You can share your calendar with a maximum of 100 contacts. We hope it helps.