How to locate iPad from your iPhone?

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    One of the most annoying things about having smart devices is having to find them once you have lost or misplaced them. iPads are no different. But if you are running your iPad with your iCloud account, you can use your iCloud account when you think you have lost or misplaced it.

    To do that, you will need to use an iPhone to locate your iPad with a free service application, “Find My iPhone”. You have to use the iCloud login of the lost iPad in the iPhone app to locate it. Here are the steps to locate your lost iPad using an iPhone.


    1. Open Find My iPhone application: Find the “Find My iPhone” app on your device. It has a green radar locator as its icon. Tap on the application to launch it. If you don’t have to Find My Phone application installed on the iPhone, install it for free from the Apple Store.

    Find My iPhone application

    2. Log in with your iCloud account: Find My iPhone will require your iCloud login of the lost iPad to access your device. Tap and enter your registered iCloud ID and password in the “Apple ID” and “Password” fields, respectively. These fields are located under the Find My iPhone logo on your screen. Tap the arrow symbol in the password field to continue. You will be redirected to the homepage of your iCloud.

    Log in with iCloud account

    3. Select your iPad: Once you are signed in, you will see the list of your devices that are connected with your iCloud account. Tap on your iPad to select the iPad from the lists of your devices. It will start locating your chosen iPad. Once the process is completed, you will see your iPad’s location on your iPhone screen. You can see your iPad’s battery status at the top right on the location screen of your iPhone.

    4. Access your iPad: You will also see some options under the location screen on your iPhone. These options are located at the bottom row of your iPhone screen. “Play Sound”, “Lost Mode” and “Erase iPhone” are the options. Tap on the option you feel the most suitable for the situation to your iPad.

    Access your iPad

    Play Sound can be used when you have put your iPad somewhere at your place and you don’t remember the exact location. Tapping on “Play Sound” will make your iPad ring loudly. So that you can find it by following the sound.

    When to use Lost Mode?

    Lost Mode should be used when you are almost sure that you have lost your iPad.

    • Lost Mode will lock your iPad. When you tap on “Lost Mode”, it will ask you to put a passcode to your iPad. Enter a 4 digit pin for your iPad to lock your it.
    • Re-enter the pin to confirm the passcode. Once your passcode is set for the iPad, you will be asked to put your contact number from which a person can call to contact you in the next step.
    • Enter your available contact number by tapping on the “Number” field. Tap the “Next” button, located at the corner of your popup. It will show you a message that will be displayed on your lost iPad.
    • You can also edit that message by tapping on the field. Tap on “Done” button, located on the corner of the popup. It will lock your iPad and display that message on your iPad screen.

    The person who has your iPad won’t be able to access it without the passcode, but he will be able to place a call on the number you have provided on the display message.

    When to use Erase iPhone?

    Erase iPhone should be used as the final option in such situations. When you are sure that you have lost your iPad and you are not going to get it back, you can use this function as a safe step for your device.

    Erase iPhone will erase all the data, including your applications, messages, notes, media, etc. of your iPad. So no person can access or misuse your personal stuff of your iPad.


    Finding a lost device can be really stressful specially if you have important data on it. But Apple iCloud service makes it a little easier with different modes like sound mode, lost mode and erase iPhone options to find your device and to erase data in the worst case.