How to Check if an iPhone is Stolen?

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    If you are using an iPhone and you are curious to know if it belongs to someone else or is a stolen device or not, you can do it by merely checking Apple’s blacklist over the Internet. You can check if the device is reported stolen for free by using your iPhone’s IMEI number.

    The blacklist contains the list of the devices that have been reported lost or stolen. You can also check your iPhone’s Activation Lock status. Here, we have mentioned both the methods with simple steps. These steps are compatible with both mobile phones and computers/laptops.

    Steps to Check via ESN

    1. Check your iPhone’s IMEI number: Tap on the “Phone” application on the iPhone. It is a built-in application with a receiver icon in a green background. It will open the dial pad on your screen. Dial *#06#. It will directly display your iPhone’s unique IMEI number on your screen. Note down this IMEI number.

    2. Launch a browser: Locate an Internet Browser on your device. Tap/click on it to launch it.

    3. Visit Enter in the URL box of your Browser, located at the top of the screen. It will take you to the IMEI check page.

    4. Check your IMEI number: You will see the “ESN / IMEI / MEID” field at the center of your screen. Click/Tap on the field to enter your iPhone’s IMEI number. Click/Tap on the “Check ESN” button, located near/below the field in a green background. It will check the IMEI number on the blacklist and display the result of your search on your screen.

    *Blacklist is a list of the IMEI numbers reported missing or stolen. If your iPhone is reported stolen or missing, it will display the report on your screen. If not, it will display the report as “ESN is for valid Apple product.”


    The method shows you to check the status of your iPhone using the Blacklist. This information becomes vital when you are thinking of buying used iPhones. Unknowingly purchasing a stolen phone will not only waste your money but can also lend you in legal trouble. You can avoid such risks by following these easy and quick methods.