How to Export iPhone Contacts to Excel? [2 Easy Methods]

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Managing the contacts on your iPhone isn’t a big deal until you decide to access them on your computer. Generally, when you export your contacts’ backup, it is stored in a vCard file. It isn’t a pleasing experience to view or access them that way. On the other hand, these contacts are very well organized and much easier to access when you have them in Excel.

With Excel Sheets, you can view and edit, update them easily. In short, Excel Sheets make it easy to access your data. Your iCloud account stores the contacts you have on your iPhone. This means you don’t have to export those contacts to your computer from your iPhone. You can directly download them from your iCloud account on your computer.

We will see how you can export the contacts you have saved on your iPhone and then access those contacts in an Excel Sheet. We have divided the article into two sections to make it easier to understand.

Do you want to export your iPhone contacts to an Excel sheet? Let us take you to the step by step guide.

Export Contacts from iPhone to Excel (Official Method)

Step by step guide to export iPhone contacts to an Excel sheet.

  1. Launch Browser

    Locate the browser on your computer. Click on it to launch it.

  2. Visit iCloud

    Click on the search bar of the browser. It is usually located at the top of every browser. Enter, the search bar. It will take you to your iCloud page. You will see your iCloud menu on this page. If you haven’t logged in your iCloud ID, you can log in with your registered Apple ID and password.

  3. Open Contacts

    Locate the “Contacts” section. It is the 2nd option in the 1st row. Click on it to open your contact list.

  4. Select Contacts

    You will see all the contacts you have stored on your iCloud ID. You can select the contacts you want to export by selecting them one by one. You can also select all contacts by pressing the shift key, holding it click on the first contact in the list and then drag your cursor to the last contact in the list. Once you have selected all the contacts, release the shift key.

  5. Go to Settings

    Once you have selected the contacts you want to export, you can see the number of contacts you have selected at the right of your screen. Now locate the “Settings” option in the form of the gear icon, which can be located at the bottom left of your screen. Click on it.

  6. Export vCard

    It will open the list of the options you can do with the selected contacts. Locate and click on the “Export vCard” option from the list. It will download the selected contact list on your computer. You can see the downloaded file on your browser’s “Downloads” section.

Note: The contacts you have exported in a vCard file in a .vcf format. You will now have to convert this file into .csv format to be able to use it in Excel Sheets.

Export Contacts from iPhone to Excel (Method 2)

1. Visit

You will have to take the help of any 3rd party service to convert your vCard into a .csv file. Enter the link on your browser’s search bar to visit the website. (Note: There are many websites and applications that can convert your .vcf file into .csv file. We are using Aconvert because it is easy and quick.)

2. Choose file

Locate the option of “Choose File” at the center of your screen. Click on this option and select the file you have just downloaded, which is in the form of .vcf format.

3. Select CSV format

Once you have selected the file, locate the option of the “Target Format” option right below. Click on the radio button against this option. It will display you many choices of format. Locate and select CSV from the list.

4. Convert vCard into .csv file

Now locate the “Convert Now!” button, located at left below the “Target Format” button. It is a blue color button. Click on it to convert your file to .csv format.

5. Download / Open File

You will see the conversion status on your screen. It will hardly take a moment to convert a file with over a thousand contacts. Once the file is converted, scroll down on the page to locate it under the “Conversion Results” section. Click on the file to open it in Google Sheets. You can also download the file by clicking on the download icon, located in the “ACTION” section, to use it later to open in Excel sheets on your computer.

6. Open in Excel Sheet

You can locate the downloaded file from where you have saved it on your computer. Click on it. If it doesn’t open the file in Excel by default, then it will give you a list of options to open your file with. Locate and click on the “Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet” option to export your contact list to an Excel sheet.

Woohoo! you’re done.


So that was one way to export your iPhone contacts to Excel Sheets. You can also use XLS format to access your contacts in Excel sheets. For that, you will only have to convert your vCard to XLS format rather than the CSV format we did. It will convert your contacts in .xls format, which is also ideal to use in Excel sheets.