Voice Dial Using Nicknames

Piggy-backing on yesterday’s tip, I have yet another Voice Control tip for you guys. Although Voice Control is fairly limited in its abilities, it can read more than just a contact’s name. Specifically it can read from the nickname field as well. This means that you can tell your iPhone to “call Dad,” instead of having to refer to your father by his proper name.

But wait, it gets even more entertaining! Voice Control will understand just about any nickname you assign to a contact. For example, instead of saying “call Jeff Gamet,” I say “call Mr. Cuddles” because he’s a cuddly guy. The possibilities are endless, and frankly the comical uses will likely outweigh the practical ones.

Of course the most important part of this tip is actually putting the info in the “Nickname” field. To do this from your iPhone, tap “Edit” on a contact, tap “add field” at the bottom, choose “Nickname,” and enter the nickname. Simple!


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