Tutorial: Keep Your MobileMe Email Account Without Switching to iCloud

There are a few things that could have hindered your transition from MobileMe to iCloud – after all it’s been a year since Apple announced the discontinuation of support for the former. This may include an outdated Mac or iOS device without support for iCloud. Thanks to us, though, you’ll have a solution for retaining your MobileMe email account with your calendars even if you don’t make the switch.

As you must be aware by now, Apple is shutting down MobileMe for good come June 30th. In fact, they sent out reminders to all of the service’s users to hurry up and migrate. If you don’t make the transition, you email will be trashed permanently along with its accompanying content.

Those with unconverted …@me.com or …@mac.com email addresses received an email that informed them they could keep those addresses, along with still being able to access their MobileMe calendars. If you didn’t get the email, it’s detailed below – further, it can be accessed online here.

What if I just want to keep using my email on all my devices?
As of May 1, you can choose to keep using your mail after MobileMe ends, even on devices that don’t meet the iCloud system requirements. Just go to me.com/move and select the option to keep using your email after MobileMe ends. Once you have completed this short process, your mail will continue to work on devices that don’t meet the iCloud requirements after MobileMe ends on June 30th, 2012.

Upon visiting the link in the excerpt above, you’ll simply need to log into your MobileMe account and hit the next button. You’ll thereon be prompted to agree to the iCloud Terms of Service and upon doing so will have solely your mail and calendars migrated automatically to iCloud.

This tutorial is meant for those with outdated operating systems of devices. Therefore, it’s essential we mention that users who perform the above steps will only have web-based access to their emails. Mail and iCal in Snow Leopard aren’t capable of setting up an iCloud account, so everything that is “migrated” will be shutdown once MobileMe ends next month.

The smart guys over at TidBITS provided a solution, though.

“In Mail, after moving your address to iCloud, delete your existing MobileMe account: Choose Mail > Preferences, click Accounts, select your MobileMe account in the list on the left, and click the – (minus) button. Then click the + (plus) button to add a new account and fill in your mac.com or me.com address and password. But now hold down Option while clicking Continue. This bypasses Mail’s automated setup process (which would configure the account for the MobileMe servers — not what you want).

On the next screen, choose IMAP from the Account Type pop-up menu. Enter imap.mail.me.com for the incoming mail server address, click Continue, and enter smtp.mail.me.com for the outgoing mail server address. Once you’ve completed the process, Mail in Snow Leopard should be able to check your iCloud mail both now and after MobileMe is turned off. As for calendars, see “iCal in Snow Leopard Can Participate in iCloud”.”

After successfully performing those steps, you should be set!

[Thanks Mactrast]