Tips for Purchasing an iPad 2 on eBay

After an unlucky launch day for me and literally every store in New Jersey being sold out of their iPad 2 stock by the next day’s afternoon, I vigorously checked eBay for a 32GB iPad 2. A brand new 32GB iPad with a Smart Cover was sold as a $700 Buy It Now listing on Sunday, which pretty much had no up-charge when tax was added into the equation. When I was in checkout paying for it, somebody else had completed checkout literally just a few seconds before I did unfortunately. Yup, I was frustrated, but that did not stop my eBay search for a 32GB iPad 2 at a decent price.

Just a day afterward, I talked a seller down to $670 for a brand new 32GB iPad 2; only $30 more than if I bought it in a store. (By the way, the seller was a great person. I am definitely going to purchase a gift card to send him as a “thank you” for the great price and quick shipment.) I received my new iPad 2 yesterday, sealed and well-packaged.

Looking for an iPad 2 online from a seller that has it in stock? It is entirely possible to get the iPad 2 model you want at a fair price if you dedicate yourself to an eBay search. If you feel like watching a ton of auctions until you get really lucky with one that a lot of people overlooked for one reason or another, go for it. Just search for iPad 2 and spend a mind-numbing amount of time sifting through auctions. You should be able to find an iPad 2 at a decent price after just a day or two if you watch every auction and are always available when it ends.

Another option to try along with auction-sifting or exclusively is a more effective one: simply search for iPad 2 under the Buy It Now tab. Through those method, it is easier to find the actual iPad 2 listings by setting the price range from around $400 (just to be on the safe side in case you get really lucky) to whatever maximum you are comfortable with. Still, I would recommend setting the maximum a little higher than your comfort zone since you can contact the seller and negotiate, some actually will despite the demand. Sort by lowest price first and check frequently. Eventually somebody who is not completely sure of the iPad 2′s eBay value will list an iPad 2 with a Buy It Now price that is not too ridiculous.

With both methods, it is recommended to not choose a category since I have seen people list an iPad 2 under a category other than the tablets category. The value of not having to become obsessed with store inventory to get an iPad 2 now is different to everyone is else, but I would say that you really should not pay more than $100 over the retail price. (You’re only paying a small premium when you realize that tax is added in-store, so that is not a bad price, and I have seen that small premium more than once.) You could just buy the first iPad 2 that catches your eye if you do not feel like putting in the eBay dedicated and really want one now, but you should use this to your advantage so you can have an iPad 2 in a few days for the extra fee you are comfortable with paying.

Have you purchased an iPad 2 on eBay? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

Written by Michael DeLisi