Tips: Avoid Roaming Charges When Traveling Internationally

I’m going out of the country soon, and I lay in bed last night wondering how I would avoid exorbitant roaming charges if I received calls or accessed the local data network in my destination country. So I did some research and have included some tips below that will help make sure you don’t incur any fees when traveling internationally.

You ever heard of the family that was billed $11,000 for streaming movies while traveling? You certainly don’t want the same to happen to you, and our list below will make sure you aren’t billed.

1. The first thing that you can do is go ahead and put your phone into Airplane mode. Just do this when you hop on the plane, and turn it off once you step off the plane after your trip – you won’t incur a bill for even one kilobyte of data used when roaming. This is probably the most ideal solution if you don’t want calls, texts, or data. It essentially shuts off everything inside your iPhone that is transmitting any sort of data to cell phone towers.

The good thing? You can still connect to Wi-Fi networks despite being in Airplane mode.

2. The other thing you can do is turn off Data Roaming through Settings (General>Network>Data Roaming). It’s off by default, but you want to make sure. This ensures your phone isn’t connecting to 3D or Edge when you’re roaming.

AT&T has a tool that allows you to check how much calling from certain countries will cost. Check it out here.