The Long Lost iPhone Guided Tours Found [Update: Finger Tips Added]

After Apple introduces new products, is traditionally updated within about 5 milliseconds of El Jobso’s trademark “boom!”. Of course, it was no different when the iPhone 3G was announced. However, Apple seems to have forgotten about the 6 million iPhone customers who are already out there. Where a slew of useful information once lived, an ad for the new iPhone has taken its place. I can understand pimping their new iPhone, but they’ve left current customers out in the cold with no way of watching those fantastic guided tours or finger tips.

Although Apple pulled the pages, we managed to track down the videos still living on their web server. We’ve got a full list of the famous guided tours below.

We didn’t bother looking for the finger tips or ads, but the videos weren’t insanely difficult to find. Using a combination of and Google’s page cache, you should be able to find the past iPhone ads, finger tips, and other hidden gems. If you find anything else, let everyone know in the comments!

Update – Finger tips 1-10 compilation and 11 found:

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