Save 15% On Your Monthly iPhone 3G Bill

If you’re like me, you’ve likely grown hoarse from complaining about the iPhone 3G’s increased plan cost. Thankfully, there is a way to mitigate the problem. Unlike the original iPhone, which Apple received service revenue kickbacks from, the iPhone 3G is a traditionally subsidized phone. This means that it now comes with some of the same benefits that other AT&T phones do, including the one that saves you 15% each month.

According to AT&T, college and university students, as well as employees of certain companies, are eligible for a 15% discount on their entire monthly plan. Read on for more info

Quoting an email received by a user at,

Wireless numbers using the iPhone 3G will be able to receive
employee/student discounts from the monthly recurring charges. The
discount will apply to the Nation 450 plan charge and the iPhone data
plan charge. You may receive the discount on the messaging plan, but
this depends upon the student discount details.

Employment or enrollment must be verified before a business discount can
be applied to the account. In order to request/apply your discount, you
would have to visit our discount request website at From this site you will be required to enter a work email address and
zip code, then follow the on screen instructions to have your discount

Of course, this could be inaccurate since the nature of the iPhone has always been a little strange for AT&T. We asked several AT&T store employees who didn’t seem to know for sure. To be sure, we asked Wes Warnock at AT&T if students using the iPhone 3G were eligible for the discount. He wrote:

For those colleges/universities that pass their discounts to their students, then yes, service discounts apply. No phone discounts apply.

So there you have it. College students are eligible for a 15% break on their monthly bill. Certain companies offer a discount as well. If you qualify, the discount nearly takes care of the entire price hike.

To take advantage of the discount, check out and use your student or work email to verify your eligibility. If your email doesn’t work, you’ll need to stop by a corporate AT&T store with proof of employment/enrollment. Once verified, it will take 1-2 bill cycles to take effect.

If you sign up for the discount, let us know!

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