Quick Access to iPod Controls In Any Application & On Lock Screen

If you listen to music on your iPhone while surfing the web or using other applications, you may occasionally need to access the iPod or its controls. Sure, you can hit the home button and jump into the iPod, but iPhone has a much more elegant way of accessing iPod controls. Ever since the iPhone update in September (v1.1.1), double clicking the “Home” button on your iPhone brings up a set of controls for volume, skipping tracks, and pausing your music without leaving the current application. There’s even an “iPod” button that takes you right to the iPod application. But the fun doesn’t stop there, so read on for more “Home” button tricks.

In addition to bringing up iPod controls from the home screen and other applications, you can also access iPod controls from the “Slide to unlock” screen. Wake up your iPhone by pressing one of the two buttons, then double click the “Home” button. A set of iPod controls will appear below the clock and give you access to play/pause, skip/repeat, and volume controls.

The last cool thing double clicking the home button does actually has nothing to do with music at all. By default, when no music is playing, double clicking the home button will actually bring up your Favorites list in the Phone app. This is extremely helpful when you need quick access to your phone from another application.

The “double click” feature can be customized from the Home Button preference page in Settings under General.

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