Printing from the iPhone and iPad

As Apple gets ready to release its latest version of the iPad, some people still have a hard time justifying the tablet as a business device. Most notably, the ability to print is conspicuously missing, a shortcoming that the iPad shares with its cousin, the iPhone. Seemingly, the easiest way to print from these devices is to email yourself with whatever image or item you wish to print attached. Fortunately, in an ecosystem like Apple’s App Store, developers are quick to fill the gaps in functionality the iPhone’s OS.

Check out a list of some of the front-runners in this category, below.

  • PrinterShare (Dynamix Software) – Free: Print your photos, contacts, web pages, and the contents of your clipboard remotely over the web.
  • ePrint (Microtech) – $2.99: Prints photos, contacts, web pages, and notes you can take inside the app. Also lets you create cards and calendar pages using your photo library. Prints to local printers using Bonjour or IP address.
  • DocPrinter (EuroSmartz) – $5.99: Download and print documents from FTP, WebDAV, iDisk, and a folder you can specify via software installed on your Mac. Prints to local printers and Mac-shared printers.

Hopefully, we’ll see the printing issue addressed natively in a future version of the iPhone OS. Until then, a third party app provides an option for those unwilling to photocopy their screens.

[via Macworld]