Possible Fix Crashing For Applications

Several people have been reporting having a difficult time with some of their newly downloaded and installed apps from the App Store after restoring from a backup. Apps were only showing their start screen when they were launched, and then would immediately quit. If you’re having the same problem, read on for the solution.

It is suspected that this is a problem with the DRM or Digital Rights Management that is embedded in each app. While the problem can seem alarming, the fix is actually fairly simple. All you need to do is to delete the applications from the device itself and resync the applications from iTunes.

To delete applications from your iPhone, simply press and hold any of the icons on your screen until they begin to wiggle (just as you would to rearrange them). A small black circle with an “X” on it should appear on the corner of the icons for installed applications and webclips. Tap on the “X” on the apps that are giving you trouble to uninstall them. When this is finished, sync the phone with iTunes and it should appear where it was, good as new.

If you’ve accidentally deleted it from both iTunes and the device, keep in mind that iTunes remembers what apps you’ve downloaded and will let you download it again for free.

[via MacRumors]

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