New to iPhone? Here’s A Newbie’s App List

The stockings were hung with care, and anticipation filled the air. The presents were opened with glee, and many folks a new iPhone did see. If you are among those fortunate folks, then do we have the app list for you!

There are many great things about the iPhone. Apart from the fact that it’s hands down the best smartphone ever bestowed upon humanity, there is no shortage of apps. Whether you want to keep up to date with world events or keep in touch with your buddy from high school, iPhone has you covered – and so does iPhone Alley. Below are some apps that we think you’ll find useful if you’ve found yourself among the growing number of iPhone users.

Instant Messaging

Naturally, you’ll want to use your iPhone to keep in touch with friends. Just about everyone has at least one instant messaging screen name, and because of that you’ll probably want an app that allows you to keep all your screen names in one place, or one that allows you to chat with friends who may have a smartphone, but not an iPhone.

The powerhouses such as AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ and Google Talk each have their own iPhone apps, but the apps listed below allow you to use one program for your screen names across multiple platforms.

Trillian– Trillian is a well-known app that is available on PC as well a smartphone. You can easily start a conversation on your computer and pick it up on your smartphone so that your conversation goes wherever you do. There is a free version available, and Trillian Pro is an ad-free version which costs $11.99 per year. The upgraded version allows for the storage of chat history in the cloud.

Kik– This handy, attractive app addresses a serious problem. You just got an iPhone, right? That means you can’t chat with friends on a BlackBerry or Android who don’t use instant messaging, right? Wrong! Kik allows users across the three major smartphone platforms to chat with one another, and it’s completely free of charge.

LiveProfile– Here is an app that is similar to Kik, in that it allows users across multiple smartphones to chat with one another. With it, you can send photos and videos, and you get a “PIN number” that is similar to that given by BlackBerry Messenger. Users of iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android devices can then chat with you using that number.

eBuddyРThis is one app that started life on the computer and then entered the app world. Users with AIM, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Facebook Chat, GTalk, MySpace, Hyves and ICQ can use this app to easily communicate wherever they are. This app is free of charge, but a premium version that allows you to stay logged in for a week is available.

IM+– Facebook, Google Talk, Live Messenger, Yahoo! and ICQ are among the many platforms this app supports. Push notifications and multiple screen names for each platform are among the many handy features this app affords.

Social Networking

Now that you can chat with your friends, you’ll probably want to keep up with them on social networking platforms too. The good news is that just as you can do that on your laptop or desktop, you can do it on your iPhone as well.

Facebook– The Facebook for iPhone app has undergone many changes since it first debuted. You can easily post status updates and photos, keep up with your timeline, and do many of the things that you can do on your computer. Facebook easily integrates with the iPhone, allowing you to sync your Facebook contacts to your phone’s contacts. Through this feature, your friend’s Facebook avatar will pop up when they call.

Twitter– The Twitter for iPhone app is designed to look pretty much like the website. You can read tweets from your followers, post a tweet or photo, and switch between multiple accounts. A recent upgrade allows you to approve follower requests from your iPhone if your Twitter page is protected.

Google+– Google’s answer to Facebook and Twitter is available on iPhone too. You can post updates and keep up with those in your circles.

MySpace– MySpace is going through a transition right now, but their “old” site is still alive and kicking. The iPhone app lets you keep up with your friends and post updates. If your MySpace page is private, you can quickly approve friend requests.

Foursquare– What good is the Internet if you can’t stalk your friends? With FourSquare, you can check into “venues” and earn points and maybe even discounts along the way.


Now that you’re connected to your friends on your iPhone, you’ll want to share your life with them. If you take a cool photo, you’ll want to show it off. For that, there are several apps.

Instagram– Perhaps the most famous — and infamous, of late– photo-sharing app is Instagram. You can take and share photos, add filters, and socialize with fellow Instagram users. If you don’t want to share your photos with the world, you can set your profile to private.

Flickr– A worthy opponent of Instagram, Flickr offers filter and editing tools as well as shares your photos across multiple platforms.

EyeEm– A lesser-known but just as worthy app is EyeEm. It too offers filters and tailors your news feed to your tastes. This is a feature that sets it apart from the previously mentioned apps.

Camera Awesome– This app’s iPhone page says it offers “professional” level effects and easy sharing. It offers an attractive interface that makes photo sharing easy.

PicYou– This app offers filters free of charge. Extra filters are available for an extra fee. Photos are stored in the cloud, and you can share photos on your Facebook or Twitter apps.

News Junkies
If you like to keep track of current events just as much as you like to keep in touch with your friends, you have plenty of choices available to you on the iPhone.

CNN– Keep up to date with breaking news, and watch stories as seen on CNN. Through the magic of push notifications, you can receive breaking news alerts, allowing you to be in the know when major news events occur.

Breaking News+– This app from NBC News comes directly from the seasoned journalists who power the @BreakingNews feed on Twitter. Push notifications allow you to keep abreast of fast-breaking news stories.

Fox News– Breaking news and other feature stories from Fox News Channel are available on your iPhone through this app. You can also listen to Fox News Talk Radio through this app.

New York Times– This hallowed publication offers an iPhone app, but it’s not free of charge. Subscriptions start at $14.99 a month.

Daily Mail– MailOnline is the app from Daily Mail, the famous U.K. publication that aptly covers U.S. news as well. This app is unique in that it allows you to read articles in offline mode.

FlipBoard– This app’s iTunes page describes itself as “a personal news magazine filled with everything being shared across the Web, from breaking news to stories on world events, sports, travel and more.” You can easily swipe through stories to find something that intrigues you.

Sports Fanatics
A sports fan may not always be able to sit at home and watch the game. That’s where these apps come in. Keep abreast of the latest scores, or browse the latest sports news with these apps.

ESPN ScoreCenter– The latest scores, news ,and video tips are all right here on ESPN’s app. The same expertise that ESPN brings to its cable channels is here for you on your iPhone.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football– This app allows you to manage your fantasy football league, and gives you access to breaking news and message boards. At Bat– Available in either free or premium flavors, this app allows you to see past games, including classic games during the off-season.

NFL Mobile– NFL’s iPhone app gives you access to breaking sports news and video, as well as live video coverage if you subscribe to the premium version.

iPlayBook– This app is a must-have for the basketball fanatic. Easily create and save playbooks with this app, allowing you an advantage over your competition.

If you’re a “foodie,” you’ll love what’s available for you on the iPhone. These apps allow you to find the information you need wherever you are, whether at work ready to hit the town or already painting the town red.

Yelp– If you’re looking for a great place to eat, this app is for you. Yelp allows you to look for an eating establishment based on your tastes, and you can benefit from the community aspect which allows you to read and post reviews.

forkly– This app will “help you discover a new dish around the corner, the best burger in town, or your favorite cocktail bar in a new city,” according to its iTunes page. A host of features allow you to save information for when you need it and share what you’ve found with others.

OpenTable– Sometimes, booking a place to eat can be tough. This app claims to help with that, brazenly stating on its iTunes page that it is the “only app that helps you book a table at more than 20,000 restaurants in the US and Canada.”

The Video Cookbook– Did you ever get stuck making that tasty dish? This app helps in a unique way by letting you see the dish being made. This app currently costs $5.99.

Still Tasty– Chosen as one of PC Magazine’s Top 100 Websites of 2009, this app puts expiration dates at the swipe of a finger. With this app, you can quickly see how long that food item is supposed to last, saving the eater from countless hours on the throne.

Video Editors

If you need to quickly and professionally edit video, these apps will help you out.

iMovie– Just $4.99 separates you from this app, which allows you to edit and trim video, among many other features. You can also create special effects like pan-and-zoom.

iSupr8– This $1.99 bills itself as an app that allows you to create “old school effects” for your videos. You can save your finished projects to the Camera Roll and send them via email.

CinemaFX for Video– Also available for $1.99, this app allows you to stack multiple effects. You can record videos from within the app itself, or you can import videos.

CineCam– Available free of charge as of the time this article went to press– and for “a limited time,” according to the app’s iTunes page, offers hundreds of ways to make a movie, with filters and effects.

Splice– Video Editor– This app is available free of charge, with numerous upgrades available at various prices. You can splice videos together and add musical tracks.


Sooner or later, you have to get down to business. These apps will help you do just that.

Weave– This app allows you plan trips and business projects. What sets this app apart from others that provide the same functionality is the ability to add colleagues to those business projects.

WorkFlowy– With this app, you can easily create notes and make lists, allowing you to keep your business and personal affairs in order.

Readdle’s Scanner Pro– With this, your iPhone can instantly become a scanner. You can then save those scans on your iPhone, or send them where they’re needed.

FastCustomer– Waiting on hold for customer service is aggravating, but getting to the point where you can hold is just as frustrating. This app aims to help reduce the frustration by cutting to the chase and showing you how to quickly play through to the menu option you need.

These apps will certainly help you get started with your iPhone, whether you just got it or you’ve had it for some time. The iPhone makes it easy to work and play with apps from developers all over the world.

(Photo credit: Cult of Mac)

Written by Mike Crook, edited by Michael DeLisi.