Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts That You Can Buy on an iPhone (2012 Edition)

Tomorrow you’ll wake up thinking that you have a free day ahead of you, if only for a few minutes. Next, you’ll grab your iPhone to find a call from your parents and voicemail you do not have to brush off thanks(?) to visual voicemail. In that moment, you realize what the day is and that you still do not have a gift ready for dear ol’ dad. Then the next thing going through your mind is: there are always a few ties that look new lying around, or I could take a quick trip to that convenience store for a mug. But seriously, who wants those? If this describes your morning, continue reading for gifts that you can conveniently purchase on your iPhone, allowing you to secure a decent present as you’re getting ready for whatever festivities you have (or don’t) have planned.

2012 updated list:

A gift card to dad’s favorite retailer: Seriously, all this requires is for you to head over to any retailer’s site that you think your dad would enjoy purchasing something from and searching for a gift card. Kind of a typical last-minute gift, though. gift card: Nothing says “I love you” more than a nice steak dinner, right? At the economical prices on, you should be able to provide dad with a few nice dinners to the best restaurants around rather than just one restaurant.

Netflix subscription: Why not give the gift of unlimited TV and movies for perhaps a year or two? Even if he already has a subscription, this will give him a break in payments. If not, you’ll be introducing him to one of the best twenty-first century inventions.

Premium Cigar of the Month club subscription: A club subscription that regularly provides your father with a variety of premium cigars gives you with a good excuse for not having cigars in-hand since he will be receiving multiple deliveries as part of the club subscription.

Beer, Cheese, Chocolate, (Flower, if so inclined), Cigar, and/or Wine Club Mixed Club Subscription: This one represents a little more thought since you can customize which clubs your father is subscribed to and in which months of the year the subscription is active. It is also a little more exciting to receive a quality assortment of items on a regular basis, making for a unique gift that gives you the same excuse that the Cigar of the Month club provides.

Tickets to a sporting event/concert (Ticketmaster, StubHub): It can only take a matter of minutes to get your dad and whoever you think he would want to go with (you maybe? Father+son/daughter time is precious after all) set to spend a day at a beloved sports stadium or a night out see Adele, err, whoever your dad really wants to see, we’re not judging

Give him an excuse to golf: Find the sites of local golf courses and country clubs in your area (extra brownie points if you know which your dad prefers) to reserve holes or get him a membership, chances are you would probably want to tagalong for this one (even more brownie points if you know how your dad prefers to spend his golf time…).

In-store pickup (at Best BuySearsNordstromKmart) - From the comfort of your iPhone, you can purchase dad a real gift that you can hastily pick up in person or give him the order pick-up confirmation to make the journey himself… Sure, the stores will be busy during the wee hours leading up to Father’s Day celebrations but you can actually show off with a gift-wrapped box. It would be the most caring gesture of all your last-minute options, besides a display of art your children(?) contribute to or preferably:

Book a cruise! (CarnivalPrincessRoyal CaribbeanDisney) - If dad could forgive all of your blunders in the past, he surely can forgive the irresponsibility you demonstrate in your inability (sorry to sound like some of those angrier, stricter dads out there) to purchase a gift before the day you were supposed to. After all, the prospect of sipping beer (or Appletinis, we don’t judge) in the glistening sunlight on an amenity-packed cruise ship in the not-too-distant future can make just about any trouble fade away.

Keep in mind you’ll need a printer to properly give most of these sorta-thoughtful (we’re sure your dad will love them) gifts.

Of course, if any of these ideas was a life-saver, then let us know in the comments. If you have any other gift ideas that can be purchased on an iPhone in a morning rush, share those as well.