Joining Wi-Fi Networks With Non-Typable Passwords

The iPhone’s virtual keyboard has quite a few tricks up its sleeve, but one thing it can’t do is type a grave accent mark without a letter (a ` or backtick to all you programmers out there). So while 99% of you probably don’t care, it can be a problem for those who need to enter the backtick for a Wi-Fi password.

Thankfully, there is a way to get around non-typable passwords using the iPhone Configuration Utility.

To start, download the iPhone Configuration Utility from Apple’s enterprise support site. Using the utility, head straight to the “Configuration Profiles” section and navigate to the Wi-Fi tab. Enter your network’s SSID and leave the security type as “Any”.

Before you export the profile, you’ll need to enter an identifier under the “General” tab. This can be something as simple as “com.YOURNAME.profile”. You’ll also need to enter a name for your profile, such as “Profile” or “Wi-Fi”.

After you’re done, hit export and save it to your desktop. Using an app such as TextEdit, open the mobileconfig file and search for


The text YOUR_SSID will be the SSID that you specified in the configuration utility.

Right underneath it, you’ll want to add:


Replace THE_WPA_PASSWORD with your network’s password.

Save the file and email it to yourself. To install the profile, simply open the email on your iPhone and tap on the attachment. After it asks you to confirm the installation, your iPhone will now have the correct password stored to log into your network.

[via Mac OS X Hints]

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