iPod touch Hacking: Enable Street View On Your iPod touch

The 2.2 update brought Google Street View and a myriad of other features and fixes to the iPhone and iPod touch. However, Apple didn’t feel that iPod touch owners were worthy enough for Street View. Thankfully, a clever workaround has been discovered that’ll get your first gen iPod touch rockin’ the Street View. It does involve messing with property lists and permissions, but it has been confirmed to work.

If you feel up to the challenge, follow along below:

First you’ll need to jailbreak your iPod touch. Because the PwnageTool only works with the first gen iPod touch, second gen iPod touch owners are out of luck.

From timmyj9:

1. get this file via ssh: /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/N45AP.plist

2. convert to xml at http://iappcat.com/plist/bin2xml

3. add









4. save then using that website again reconvert to binary

5. rename original file N45AP.old

6. copy new N45AP.plist in (make sure permissions are 644)

7. reboot ipod

Update: to get the proper preferences back:


1. in this folder rename Settings-iPhone.plist, to Settings-iPhone.old

2. copy out Settings-iPod.plist and rename to Settings-iPhone.plist then copy back in

3. reboot

all settings will be available as before (music prefs back)

(make sure permissions are 0664)

If you were able to follow all of that without getting sick to your stomach, you now have Google Street View! For the rest of you, a patch via Cydia or Installer is sure to come around soon.


[via Gizmodo]

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