iOS Tip: Quickly Check Your Data Usage for AT&T

This tip for the common soul who is numb minded when using an iOS device is meant to demonstrate how to quickly track the amount of data you’ve used for each of your billing periods. It’s simple, and can be done without the use of an application.

The App Store does boast multiple solutions to do the purpose of checking your data usage, including Consume and also the official applications offered by AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. However, we have a more optimal process catered to the time-minded person.

All you have to do is call the number *3282#. This will display a message on your screen stating the following:

“Thank you, your request is being processed. A message will be sent to your phone.”

A message will be sent to your phone with all of the desired information. This will include the date of your next bill cycle, the amount of roaming data that you’ve used as well as your alloted amount, and finally the amount of messages that you’ve used in total of your total amount as part of your plan. While Consume sports a slick interface, it’s a more efficient way to simply call the aforementioned number.