How to Watch Sunday’s FIFA Final from Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

There’s never a lack of iPhone applications for anything, so there are certainly a few essentials for iPhone users wanting to catch the Women’s FIFA Final tomorrow. The excitement has built up in the past few months, and the US Women’s National Team is at the peak of their wonderful game – there’s no reason to miss tomorrow’s big event.

The most important thing tomorrow is to actually watch the action. You can do so straight from your iPhone, and now even with your iPad, with WatchESPN. The application is a free download and is basically just a mobile version of ESPN3, which can also be used for watching the game. I’ve tried this method of watching for previous soccer matches, and it’s worked flawlessly without doubt. If you won’t be able to watch on TV tomorrow, and want to catch the action, then this is the perfect for you.

Additionally, there are a various number of iPhone applications that will let you check previous standings, if you desire to do so, which should all turn up with a simple search on iTunes or the App Store.

So, who is everyone rooting for? The #USWNT (Twitter Trend) seems like they have a pretty good shot at the title, but the Japanese could assume the the unexpected underdog role – you never know. As a reminder, the game airs tomorrow, Sunday July 17th at 2:45 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).