How to: Split the Bill Among People With Billr

If you’ve ever gone out with a group of people to a restaurant, whether it be a bunch of colleagues, you and your boss, or even just some friends, you’ve probably come across the situation of having to divide your bill – a tedious affair that’s inevitably accompanied by accusations if you’re the one left to do the job. This next iPhone app aims to ease the overall burden of splitting a bill, and it does it inexpensively and quite efficiently.

Dubbed Billr, the iPhone application allows you to input information in a slick manner and will return by fairly cutting the overall sum into varying amounts that divvy up based on what each individual person ordered, taxes, tip, etc. all factored in accordingly.

While it’s an easy application to use, we’re going to guide you through the steps in order to split a bill.


Upon first opening Billr, you’ll be greeted with a welcome screen and can then proceed. Your first step will be to indicate your party size. This can go all the way up to 16 people and is adjusted by the two up and down arrow keys. Once you’ve done that, hit the next button.


The next screen allows you to put down the prices for each item ordered by each individual person in your party. You must enter these manually. While it’s not necessary, you can also change the name of each person at the top of the screen to make differentiating everyone’s totals easier later.


At this final screen, you decide whether you want your party to be considered a cheap group of unwilling people or overly generous. Here you indicate the taxes required to be paid in your area as well as the desired tip to be paid to your waiter/waitress, which will be worked into everyone’s overall dues. Similar arrow keys allow you to go up and down, or you can opt to enter amounts manually.


That’s it! Now all you have left to do is pass your iPhone around the table for everyone to take a look at. The amount that each person owes individually is displayed below his or her name.

Billr can be purchased on the App Store for a meager dollar – a price that will definitely save you money in retrospect by helping you avoid having to pay unfair amounts due to inaccurate calculations. Check it out and let us know how you like it.