How To: Replacing the iPhone Enclosure

One of everyone’s favorite things to do is customize their iPhones, and one fun and stylish way to do that is to replace the outer enclosures. There are a few colored ones, but the silver and black piece from is both durable and classy, and provides a good fit. Matt McK’s tutorial shows how to replace the original silver casing with this classy black one in a way that will minimize the chance of damaging parts.

Here is a quick list of parts you will need:
- new housing
- super tiny philips screwdriver. (The one I found at Ace hardware didn’t even have a number on it. All I know is that ’0′ was not small enough.)
- small flat head screwdriver
- adhesive remover
- super glue/adhesive
- pen/paper
- patience!

NOTE:This tutorial assumes that you can already get the back off of the iPhone. If you’re not sure how to do that, try that Youtube video on how to take apart the device all the way down to the LCD, so only follow it until you get the back metal cover you’re replacing completely detached. From there, you should be ready to start following Matt McK’s instructions.

Good luck!

(Complete Instructions) MacRumors: How to replace the iPhone Enclosure

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