How To Get Out Of Your T-Mobile Account For Free

Looking to get out of a contract with T-Mobile in the U.S. so you can switch to an iPhone on AT&T? For those who aren’t near the end of their T-Mobile contracts, the only way to get an iPhone any time soon will be to get out of your contract. Most of the time this will mean paying a few hundred bucks in cancellation fees, but as of July 1st there could be a way to get out of your contract fast without paying another dime.

T-Mobile recently became the last of the major phone companies in the U.S. to raise their SMS prices to $0.20 a piece. If you’re a frequent texter, this means you’ll be paying more for each text. What T-Mobile doesn’t want you to know is that their Terms of Service agreement gives you the right to cancel out of the contract at no charge if they raise the price of something at your expense, including the new SMS price. So, thanks to this little loophole, all you have to do is make them think you use SMS frequently and that the price increase will be a major inconvenience to you, and you can legally get out of it for free.

Step-by-step instructions for convincing the stubborn phone support people are available at Boy Genius Report.

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