Fix for ‘No Content’ Bug

While syncing my iPod just now I noticed, when navigating to the music app, that there was apparently “No Content”. However, on my computer, it said that I had my some 400 songs. Weird, huh? After syncing and syncing, it was contantly displaying the message, so I decided to experiment a little bit and luckily I found out how to restore my music back onto my device without too much hassle.

I’m not sure if this is a bug with 4.2.1,b it certainly seems to be considering the fact that this is the first time it’s ever occurred for me. Instead of your typical list of music showing up, the device displays a ‘No Content’ message that directs you to iTunes to download music. It’s pretty frustrating if you actually go back and sync all of your music again, but thankfully there are some solutions. There was one way that I found out for fixing it which involves the syncing of your iPod, but osXdaily reports that there’s another alternative. So I’ll go ahead and list both:

Syncing method

1. Go into iTunes on your computer.
2. Make a new playlist and name it whatever you want.
3. Sync your iPod/iPhone and make sure that the playlist syncs as well.

Your music should come back instead of the message. This will not work if you’re syncing your music manually. You should leave the box that says “Manually manage music and videos” unchecked.

Non-syncing method as reported by osXdaily

1. Go to “Settings” then “General”.
2. Click on “International” and change your language from your default to another one (such as English –> French)
3. Go back to “Music” or “iPod”, in the case of an iPhone, and your music should have returned.
4. You can now change your language back to your default.

If one of these methods doesn’t work, you can use the other. Alternatively, if you find any other ways to fix this issue, then please post below. Even though these solutions are present, I really hope this bug is fixed!