Easily Rearrange Applications Across Multiple Home Screens

One of the most irritating problems that iPhone owners face is having to manage many apps across multiple home screens. Thankfully apps return to their previous spot after being updated, but new apps can still be a pain, especially when you want to stick a new one 3-4 home screens deep. This tip comes from Leo Laporte, and I didn’t realize how insanely useful this method was until I actually gave it a try.

I personally arrange my 3rd party applications alphabetically, which means many new apps need to push their way past a barrage of other applications to get to their destination, leaving a mess of disorganized apps in its path. The problem is that, as you move an app across pages that are full, a space is made the application you’re moving, which pushes other apps down a page.

The way around this is simple. Before you start moving applications around, move an icon or two out of your dock and drag it to its own temporary page. Now drag your new application into the free spot in the dock, navigate to its destination page, and drag it in. When you’re done, put the original app back in the dock, and you’ve just avoided a giant mess and saved loads of time.


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