Downgrade From 2.0 Beta and Restore Full Functionality

So let’s see, which one of you ignored our warnings and decided to upgrade their phones to the 2.0 beta? If you did, you’ve likely ended up at a pink activation screen with no way to activate. This is because your phone hasn’t been authorized for the beta. If you’re stuck, you can downgrade your iPhone back to 1.1.4 and use it once again.

Surprisingly, the method is easier than you’d think. Simply put your phone into restore mode and option-click the Restore button to select the 1.1.4 restore package. After the restore process, you’ll get error 1015. This is because the phone’s baseband cannot be downgraded and you’ll be stuck in restore mode again. All that’s needed is to use one of your favorite iPhone tools to bring it back into normal mode. Using ZiPhone, click “Mode>Restart In Normal Mode” to bring the phone back. Activate in iTunes and you’re back in business.

Again, don’t upgrade to the latest beta if you’re not a developer. Pwnage tool will reportedly “hackitvate” the beta, but we still don’t really recommend using it.

[via TUAW]

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