Consolidate Club Cards Using Your iPhone

Here’s a handy tip that’s sure to slim down your wallet and possibly streamline your life just a bit more. This one is simple; by scanning all of the club/grocery cards with barcodes that you have as images, you can hold a virtual wallet on your iPhone in the form of a photo album. Once you’ve scanned everything in, front and back, save it to an iPhoto album (on a Mac) and sync that album to your iPhone. Every time you update the album with a new card, it’ll be synced to the phone. When you’re at the store, whip out your phone and bring the appropriate card full screen. If all goes well, the barcode reader should pick it up with no trouble at all.

Now, we have our doubts about this one working all the time. At Macworld this year we had our registration info saved as a PDF on our iPhones. When we went to scan the barcode stored in the PDF, the scanner didn’t take it. In fact, everyone who tried this (there were many) was unsuccessful. It has been reported to work in some cases, so you may want to keep backups the first time you try it out in case it doesn’t go smoothly.

Oh, and you PC users should be able to do the same, only using folders instead of iPhoto albums.

[via 't Is Goud]

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