Basic Tutorial: Playing Personal Music in Any Application

Without the multitasking feature available thanks to the [almost outdated] iOS 4, the above title wouldn’t be as easy to make happen. Currently, many applications will stop your music that’s playing in the background due to their SFX and BGM starting to play when the app is opened; I’ll let you know a simple way to get past this simple frustration-causing problem because it truly does get annoying when your music is constantly halted.

Also available with the multitasking bar, is the music control section, which can be accessed by sliding to the left upon double clicking your home button. From here, you’d normally be able to press play and your music would start playing. That’s sadly not the case when you open an application with your own music already playing. The buttons are gray and not clickable. Now, many applications have the option to play custom playlists, but for those that do not, use the following steps to play your own music:

1. Open up the application and once it fully boots up, press the home button to return to your pages.

2. Play the desired music.

3. Open up the same application again – if it’s multitasking enabled, it should boot up without the whole loading that it previously needed for the first step above.

4. Turn off the sound effects and background music, if any, using the application’s option menu (if there is one)

5. Enjoy your music: the music control section should not be grayed out, so you can also switch songs.

If you don’t believe that (1) music stops playing when an application is opened and/or (2) the play button, usable via the music control section of the multitasking bar, try them out and let me know. If everything I’ve stated does somehow work for you, then my iPod is just morbidly screwed up. Then again, there have already been signs indicating that, one being the fact that my iPod allows me to delete applications whilst they’re downloading – something that no one else that I’ve checked with can do, although it’s greatly beneficial.

I hope you enjoyed this iPhone Noobtorial. It still puzzles me why Apple would completely gray out the buttons, but I guess that’s why people are in question of whether or not iOS should receive an interactive tutorial.