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7 Year Old iOS Developer, Connor Zamary Releases Application

I know when I was seven, I was outside with a couple of friends selling cans of soda and overly-sugared cups of lemonade rather than setting up my own LLC and developing my own, decent looking game for any sort of game marketplace. That’s what 7-year old Connor has supposedly

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App Showcase: Nano Rally Is One Awesome Looking Game

Sauce Digital has just released a new game called Nano Rally [App Store], an addictive top-down racing game with a twist. Because it's a nano rally, you play as a tiny car that must race through the clutter of the kitchen table, bedroom, office, garden and more! With a total of 6 environments, 25 different tracks, and TONS of obstacles, this game looks awesome! We haven't had a chance to try it out for ourselves, but from what we've seen $0.99 seems like a steal. Check out the video below!


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