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iPhone App of the Day – June 2, 2012

Although our staff here at iPhone Alley doesn't get to review every single worthwhile application that undoubtedly bombard the App Store each and everyday, we keep an eye out for those that promise potential. Our limited number of reviews isn't reflective of our eyes that are constantly searching the broad confines of the App Store. Below is our pick for today's best application.


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Restore Your Broken iPhone With Recovery Mode

Is your iPhone acting up? Yes it's true, iPhones have problems too. But what can you do when it's REALLY messed up? If iTunes doesn't see your iPhone's cry for help, you may need to invoke recovery mode. Although it's an extremely helpful mode, how to get there isn't very apparent. Read on for the how-to!

As arcane as "recovery mode" sounds, it's actually very simple:


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