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Alleyside Daily #1: Kinectimals & OnLive on iOS, Smartphone Marketshare, New Beginnings

iPhone Alley introduces a brand new way to stay up-to-date on all things happening in the world of iOS. Alleyside Daily is a roundup of news headlines, applications, and products delivered in a unique IM-style, opinionated format. The goal is for one article to provide everything you need to know

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Popular iOS Game Now Available for Xbox Kinect

Save for the fact that the featured image of this editorial is a splash screen (literally) of what I’m posting about, I bet not knowing what game I’m talking about (courtesy of the shallow title) exactly made you want to click on this post. Well click away…

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Sid Meier’s Pirates Released for the iPad as a Full Port of the PC Game

When Sid Meier’s Pirates! was originally released at the end of 2004 for the PC, it was met with a universally-positive acclaim and earned a place on some critics’ lists of the year’s best games. Players were enthralled with the caribbean adventures riddled with mini-games and a surprising depth.Pirates went

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Microsoft Brings Xbox Live to Windows Phone, Still Missing Games

One of Microsoft’s most powerful brands recognizable by every teenager and old hipster in the U.S. is being given a much more prominent presence in Windows Phone than ever before that could invigorate the OS’s gaming scene. Of course, that brand is Xbox Live, the social interactive “hub” for gamers

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Addicted to Games

I’ll admit it. I’m a gamer. However, you might be surprised to hear that the only game system I’ve ever owned was an Atari. It was my first experience with video games. I played Frogger, Pitfall and Asteroids until I beat them all. I was obsessed. Then as Nintendo game

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2.1 Software Breaks OpenClip Framework

Zak White's open-source copy and paste framework OpenClip was a very ingenious solution to what seemed like an impossible problem, but as great as it would be to finally have copy and paste for at least some apps, it has been found that OpenClip's inevitable drawback keeps it from working in the upcoming 2.1 firmware update.


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