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How to Watch Sunday’s FIFA Final from Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

There’s never a lack of iPhone applications for anything, so there are certainly a few essentials for iPhone users wanting to catch the Women’s FIFA Final tomorrow. The excitement has built up in the past few months, and the US Women’s National Team is at the peak of their wonderful

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Bouncer Boot Out App Review – Gel back your hair, polish your boots and wear your shades; it’s time to bounce

Wherever you reside you may have established a system of hierarchy with different groups of people being classified by different criteria or by whom they hang out with. In your work place, school or any other place like this there may be some groups that only mingle with others of

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Invaders World Tour 3 App Review – Can You Defend the World?

Can you defend the world from the invaders that threaten it? If you’re a pro at Galaga and absolutely love shoot em’ ups, I’m sure you can. It’s one of Appular’s newest titles, Invaders World Tour 3, and it sure is one of their bests! Evidently taking its cue from

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Ridax Taking Preorders For Charger Adapter For iPhone 3G

Ridax has announced that they are now taking preorders for their new iPhone 3G charger adapter. The small 1.5"x1.5"-ish device will have a male 30-pin connector at one end and a female one at the other end, and will allow an iPhone 3G to be charged on a device not intended for the iPhone 3G. It does this by converting the charge in the device to a level that the iPhone 3G operates with.


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