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iPhone/iPad Manufacturer Foxconn Replacing Workers with a Million Robots, Beginning of the End for Human Employment?

This story is more breaking, significant news than it may seem at first glance: Foxconn, which manufactures products for a wide array of electronics companies including Apple’s iOS devices, is going to replace workers with a million robots. The company is already using 10,000 with plans for 300,000 next year

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Things We Like: Glyphboard Reinvents The WebApp On iPhone

Glyphboard, a small web app that's seemingly more than a web app, just might change the way web apps are looked at. Previously web apps could only be used while in Safari and connected to the Internet, but this application is much different. That's because Glyphboard can install itself as a webclip on your iPhone or iPod touch and launch just like a native application.


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