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iOS Virus Acquirable Through Safari Gaining Momentum

It seems a hacker has discovered a way to break into the iOS core from within Safari and is using the exploit to distribute a virus through it. The links that host the virus right now are advertised as sites that could unlock your device. The fake program uses the

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Reminder: Activate “Find My iPhone” Feature

Just a few days ago, a close friend had his iPhone 3GS stolen while going through his daily exercise over at Life Time Fitness, for those who know what that is. Unfortunately, he had forgotten to activate the “Find My iPhone” feature just recently made available for being able to

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iPhone Basics: Enable and Use Caps Lock

While the usage of caps lock is generally reserved for comment trolls and confused old folks, it can be very useful when used responsibly. The iPhone does have a caps lock mode built in, but it's disabled by default. To enable it, go to Settings > General > Keyboard and turn on "Enable Caps Lock." Now whenever you need to type in all caps, simply double-tap the shift key to engage caps lock.

Additionally, you can also use this method to enable CHOCK LOCK MODE OK.


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iType Is A Giant External Keyboard For Your iPhone

Have you been wishing for the ability to hook up a keyboard to your iPhone and do away with those annoying touch keys? Well if you have, ION Audio may have a solution for you. It's called the iType and it's a full-sized keyboard that you can hook up to your iPhone using the dock connector. It works just as you'd expect a keyboard to work, with one catch; you have to use the iType app. You see, Apple opened the iPhone's dock connector and Bluetooth to developers with iPhone 3.0, but that access is limited to specific applications, not system-wide drivers. This means that everything you type on the iType keyboard has to be entered with the iType app and then copied out to your other apps.

Pricing and availability of the iType have not been announced, but it does exist and work, per hands-on experiences from several blogs at CES 2010.


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Use Two Thumbs To Type A Period

With the iPhone Software Update 1.1.1, Apple added a nifty shortcut for adding a period at the end of a sentence and it made a lot of people happy. The shortcut, which is still available today, involves tapping the space bar twice which automatically places a period and a space for quick text entry. To make things even quicker, we've just learned that tapping the space bar with two thumbs will produce the same effect as tapping the space bar twice. And while this isn't groundbreaking, we have a feeling that it'll come in handy for quite a few of you. Thanks Felipe!


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