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Microsoft Brings Xbox Live to Windows Phone, Still Missing Games

One of Microsoft’s most powerful brands recognizable by every teenager and old hipster in the U.S. is being given a much more prominent presence in Windows Phone than ever before that could invigorate the OS’s gaming scene. Of course, that brand is Xbox Live, the social interactive “hub” for gamers

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Microsoft Reveals Unique Windows 8 Tablet Home Screen

Taking cues from the unique styling of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft continues actually standing out to an extent in the mobile operating system scene with the tablet version of Windows 8. Or more specifically, its intelligent tile-based home screen. Watch a demonstration by Jensen Harris, Director of PM Windows User

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Orange Loses iPhone Exclusivity In France

Wireless carrier Orange Telecom has officially lost their exclusivity as the only iPhone 3G carrier in France. A court has ordered Apple to allow other carriers to carry the iPhone 3G in the country. The ruling was the result of a complaint filed in September by Orange France rival Bouygues Telecom SA, the third largest carrier in the country.


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