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Sid Meier’s Pirates Released for the iPad as a Full Port of the PC Game

When Sid Meier’s Pirates! was originally released at the end of 2004 for the PC, it was met with a universally-positive acclaim and earned a place on some critics’ lists of the year’s best games. Players were enthralled with the caribbean adventures riddled with mini-games and a surprising depth.Pirates went

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iPad 2 and AirPlay Make Nintendo’s Wii U an Unnecessary Console

When Nintendo introduced its follow-up to the incredibly successful Wii console, titled Wii U, it brought current-generation graphics and a controller that is only unique in the console industry. Nintendo is still betting that the controller, dominated by a 6.2″ resistive touch-screen surrounded by traditional buttons and motion sensors, will

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Addicted to Games

I’ll admit it. I’m a gamer. However, you might be surprised to hear that the only game system I’ve ever owned was an Atari. It was my first experience with video games. I played Frogger, Pitfall and Asteroids until I beat them all. I was obsessed. Then as Nintendo game

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Possible Fix for Slow iPhone, iPad Backup (Updated)

If your iPhone or iPad is set to sync automatically when you plug it into your computer, you likely noticed it always performs a backup before syncing. Sometimes, the backup takes an extremely long time. We have found a solution that fixes most of the backup issues in iTunes.


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How To Disable Automatic iPhone Backups [Fixed in 2.1 Update]

Long backups were addressed in the 2.1 update. This tip is likely no longer relevant for most people. Ever since version 1.0, the iPhone has automatically backed itself up every time an iTunes sync was started. The feature makes sense on a phone and has definitely saved my bacon quite a few times. However, with the iPhone 2.0 update, the backup feature has gotten arguably out of hand. Most users report obnoxiously long backup times which make it extremely frustrating to refresh your iPhone's information. So if you're tired of automatic backups that take forever, here's how to disable them.


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