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PC Users: Dealing with a Slow iTunes

It seems as if a bunch of inexperienced newbie programmers designed the iTunes us PC users have to currently use. We never get any mercy from the buggy software packed to the brim with its error messages and slow-running interface, whereas the Mac OSX user over there is faced with

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GM, Segway Making Futuristic iPhone-Compatible Electric Scooter Thingy

Sure, GM is on the brink of bankruptcy, but that didn't stop them from partnering with Segway to make their latest futuristic gadget, Project P.U.M.A. — or the Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility vehicle. As the name suggests, it's a compact alternative transportation vehicle that runs on two lithium ions and self-balances itself like a Segway on two wheels driven by two electric motors. Best of all, it's controlled by a "fly-by-wire" system, with 'dashboard' information displayed on a connected iPhone.


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