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Some Cases Don’t Fit the White iPhone 4

It seems that a white glass color and an improved proximity sensor were not the only changes that Apple made to the white iPhone 4. It is actually ever-so-slightly thicker than the black variant. That’s because of a taller piece of rubberized plastic running around the front and back of

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U.S. to Officially Be Ablaze (Or Not…) By the White iPhone 4 on April 28

The white iPhone 4 officially has a release date! (Oh, that exclamation point isn’t there for the release, it’s there because there won’t be any more delays or rumors about a new color of the same iPhone that we’ve had for ten months.) In a press release today, Apple announced

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White iPhone 4 Finally Launching Worldwide (Tomorrow?)

After a string of endless rumors, all signs are pointing to the launch of a white iPhone 4 worldwide. Yup, for real this time. An April 27 release is expected in the Netherlands. 9 to 5 Mac‘s image of Best Buy’s inventory indicates that the U.S. will be joining our

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Verizon Adds White iPhone to Inventory: Is it Finally Here!

Verizon has added both the 16 GB and 32 GB white iPhone 4 models to their internal inventory database, making it look like the late April launch rumors are true. The listing doesn't say "white iPhone," but 9to5mac reports that the numbering system confirms that the listed models are indeed the white versions.


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Late April May Bring the Overdue White iPhone 4 Launch

Another month, another rumor about the white iPhone 4. This month’s white iPhone 4 rumor is brought to you courtesy of Bloomberg, who says that they have a source who knows that it will be available at the end of April. According to the source, it will launch simultaneously on

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Is the White iPhone 4 Finally Launching?

Engadget has received a tip from a reader who came across something quite unexpected: an ambiguous shelf tag in a Houston Best Buy. The shelf tag in question seems to be there for the impending launch of a white 16GB AT&T iPhone 4. The no-commitment price on the tag is

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