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WaterField Designs iPad/2 Travel Express Review

WaterField Designs may have crafted one of the most deceiving iPad/iPad 2 bags yet. WaterField’s iPad Travel Express looks (and is) around the thickness of two full manilla envelopes plus its overall dimensions stretch out just a bit past the iPad, yet it can hold just about everything you could

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WaterField Designs iPhone Smart Case Review

If you have been looking for an iPhone case/sleeve that goes further than just offering style and protection, the iPhone Smart Case by WaterField Designs accomplishes the feat of adding functionality to a sleeve. The Smart Case showcases what happens when a company tries to push out-of-the-box. Made out of

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Waterfield Design’s iPod Suede Jacket Review – New iPod Touch 4? Scared about Scratching? Solution.

I’ve never really owned a pouch for my iPod, so I didn’t really know what to expect when I received the iPod Suede Jacket from Waterfield Design. Would it be good, or would it be bad? Only time would tell, and it sure did! I recently got the new iPod

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New iPhone Package To Be Eco-Friendly

According to The Register, Apple is kicking up their eco-friednliness by revamping the packaging for the iPhone 3G. I'm sure those of you with iPhones remember the shiny clear plastic tray that held the iPhone in place inside it's box. For the iPhone 3G, Apple is replacing that plastic tray with a paper one, reducing it's carbon footprint by around 90%.


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