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Watch Out for Fake iPhone 5GS Release Emails

A new spam/phishing scheme feeds off of the anticipation for the next-generation iPhone in order to lure users into malware. Disguising itself in an attempt to duplicate Apple’s email layout, though failing in the typical fashion of spam emails; there is a blatant lack of consistency and thought in its

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iOS Virus Acquirable Through Safari Gaining Momentum

It seems a hacker has discovered a way to break into the iOS core from within Safari and is using the exploit to distribute a virus through it. The links that host the virus right now are advertised as sites that could unlock your device. The fake program uses the

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Juice Pack

Mophie's Juice Pack is an external battery built specifically for the iPhone. Unlike other external batteries made for iPods and UBS devices, the Juice Pack clips directly onto your iPhone so it's always there with no mess or hassle. It's also quite stylish. The inner portion is a nice green and the outer portion is made from a smooth black rubber.


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