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Could Subscription Hardware Be the Future or Just a Failed Google Experiment?

As part of Google’s I/O conference, today the company behind Android announced details regarding Chromebooks’ venture into the consumer market. Chromebook is an instantly accessible, Google-approved laptop that runs its web-based Chrome OS. Along with conventional one-time fee purchasing options, students and businesses can choose a $20-$28/month subscription plan. Notice

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Verizon to Alert Customers of Location Tracking With Stickers

In an “honesty is the best policy” sort-of compliance move, Verizon Wireless has plans to include stickers alerting customers of devices that constantly track a user’s location. As has been recently discovered then officially revealed by Apple, the iPhone would be included in the collection of devices since it does

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iOS 4.3.2 Available, Fixes Facetime and iPad 2 Connectivity Issues

Apple released a new version of iOS today, 4.3.2, for all iOS 4-compatible devices except the CDMA iPhone 4. The update a contains a few awaited bug fixes and security improvements. Users who have had trouble with their iPad 2′s 3G connectivity will be happy to hear that this update

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Verizon’s 3G Not Working Well for Some iPad 2 Owners

A number of iPad 2 owners who chose a model with Verizon 3G connectivity have been unhappy with their 3G service – or lack thereof. There has been a growing amount of complaints regarding issues connecting to Verizon’s 3G network on some iPad 2 tablets. Users have been complaining in

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How-To: Save $130 and Fees on a 3G iPad 2 If You Own an iPhone

Did you know that there is a fairly clever workaround for 3G iPad fee woes if you already own an iPhone? Actually there are two, one for those without a risk-taking trait and one for those who are a little more ambitious. Either way, getting rid of iPad 3G costs

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Heads-Up: Get a New Wi-Fi iPad for $300, 3G AT&T iPad for $429

Was the iPad’s cost just a little out of your reach in the past? Well, here is your first and possibly only shot at getting a brand new first-generation Wi-Fi iPad from a Verizon retail store for up to 40% off the lowest price you would have found it just

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AT&T to Aquire T-Mobile USA

Yesterday AT&T and T-Mobile USA announced that they have reached an agreement where AT&T will acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for a approximately 39 billion dollars. The agreement will allow for both networks to improve the quality of their service for customers of both companies. The merger will happen

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10 Reasons to Buy iPad 2 (Plus 5 Reasons to Ignore the Competition)

There are quite a few compelling reasons to rush out and purchase an iPad 2. iPad 2 puts the iPad even further ahead of the competition, but does that mean it is worth the purchase price to replace your first-generation iPad? It may be: 10. Gyroscope. Not only will iPad

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Where You Can Buy iPad 2 on March 11

Have your chairs, food, drinks, and other necessary supplies ready for the night of March 10. Judging by how well the first-generation iPad sold, iPad 2 will have all the trimmings of a hot device launch day, including long lines. Your wait in line will be significantly shorter if you

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iPad 2 Forebodes What iPhone 5 Will Be Like

Apple CEO Steve Jobs surprisingly took the stage on Wednesday to announce the successor to the iPad, one of the fast-selling products ever, iPad 2. Featuring more changes than expected and hugely ahead of the tablet competition, Apple declared 2011 as “the year of the iPad 2.” Will this also

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