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WordPress to Support Media Uploads Starting With iOS 6

Up until now, blogging on the go wasn't too user-friendly using the popular platform, Wordpress. The lackluster app, the horrible mobile solution to navigating around WP-admin, and the inability to efficiently upload a picture all coalesced to make the whole blogging experience a terrible, non-ideal one. Thankfully, if you're into blogging while on the go, you'll be pleasantly excited to learn that you'll soon be able to upload media to Wordpress from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad kudos to Apple's upcoming iOS 6 firmware upgrade.


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Mockup Lets You Create iPhone App Mockups On The Go

Last week Lextech Labs released a new app to help app developers create mockups of iPhone applications right from an iPhone or iPod touch. Mockup [App Store, $4.99] allows you to create sample application mockups by placing individual UI elements on the screen and arranging them however you see fit. The app shows a lot of promise for anyone who wants to quickly mock up an app, although it lacks a lot of polish. But hey, it's the only app we've seen that does this, so that counts, right? Video below!


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