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iOS 5.0.1 Released to Public, How to Update Without iTunes

It seems that Apple decided to go ahead and give the go to iOS 5.0.1 earlier than we had initially thought. Releasing today, the update brings along multiple new minor features, the most significant, however, being the highly anticipated iPhone 4S battery patch.

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Google+: iPad and iPod Touch Compatibility Added

An update was released for Google’s new social service, Google+’s native iPhone application that fixed a few thing and additionally added support for the iPad and iPod Touch, which were lacking the ability to use the app before. The new social networking website launched just a few weeks ago, and

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Facebook to Revamp Its App Following Significant Criticism

You don’t make it to 750 million friends without a few critics. Thankfully for Facebook, those critics are only expressing negativity over a buggy iPhone app. Over 65% of reviews on the App Store for the Facebook app are unanimously unfavorable, rating the app one stars out of a possible

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Apple Fights Back Against JailbreakMe with iOS 4.3.4 Update

After JailbreakMe was recently updated for compatibility with all iOS devices running software version 4.3.3 and earlier, including iPad 2 for the first time, it did not take long for Apple to develop its own update in its fight against exploits that allow iOS to be jailbroken. This time around,

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Tweetbot Application Updated, New Features Added in 1.3

Last week, I posted my 8 favorite Twitter clients for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Taking first place on the list was Tapbot’s Tweetbot [$1.99] (try saying that five times fast!). Yesterday the application received an update, which added some significant features to the application. Despite the application still lacking

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iTunes-Less Updating May Be Coming In iOS 5

Gone may be the days of time-consuming iOS updates constrained by iTunes. iOS 5 could bring over-the-air updating according to 9 to 5 Mac, allowing you to install the latest software version wirelessly from your device. A user would simply receive a notification when a new version is available beginning

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iOS 4.3.2 Available, Fixes Facetime and iPad 2 Connectivity Issues

Apple released a new version of iOS today, 4.3.2, for all iOS 4-compatible devices except the CDMA iPhone 4. The update a contains a few awaited bug fixes and security improvements. Users who have had trouble with their iPad 2′s 3G connectivity will be happy to hear that this update

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‘Super Stick(man) Golf’ Multiplayer Update

One of my favorite games till today, Super Stick Golf (My Review) will be receiving an update on the 12th, which will add multiplayer via Game Center to the already uber-perfect gameplay. Glowing perfect review for the game, tons of content and now this. The update will serve as a

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Wait Is Over: ‘Doodle Jump’ Multiplayer Update Available Today

Updated. I posted about a new Doodle Jump update in the testing stages back in October of last year. The title? Doodle Jump Multiplayer Update Coming Out Real Soon! Well, I was a little wrong with the real soon part because only today did Lima Sky, developers of the widely

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League of Evil Updated with 45 New Levels – Let’s Play Halfbot Style!

League of Evil ($0.99) is a pixel platformer that recently arrived on the app store. We reviewed the game and I had a brilliant time with its frustrating yet hooking levels. It received its first update late last night, and to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t be surprised if

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