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George Hotz – Hired by Facebook

George Hotz a.k.a. GeoHot, the hacker famous for unlocking the iPhone was recently hired by Facebook. The entrance to the Facebook building in Palo Alto, CA has the words “Hack” in large letters. Which comes as no surprise as, Mark Zuckerberg, himself a hacker, has a fondness for hiring guys

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Is the Unlocked iPhone For You?

If you haven’t already heard, Apple is now offering 16GB and 32GB unlocked iPhone 4 models through the Apple Store, but is an unlocked iPhone the device for you? First of all, “unlocked” doesn’t mean “jailbroken,” it only means the phone doesn’t come with a micro-SIM card married to a

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Unlocked iPhone 4 Available on the Apple Website

Yesterday, Apple began selling unlocked iPhone 4s on their online store.  Is this leading the way for iPhones to be available on all US carriers? Unlocked iPhones have been available since last year in Canada, France and the UK but starting yesterday you can buy them in the US.  You

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4.2.1 Jailbreak

In November, Apple approved an update to their mobile operating system iOS. Shortly after, the iPhone jailbreaking community hacked it. However, the only hack available was a tethered jailbreak.  Meaning when you reboot your device, you have to tether it to your computer which can be a pain. Now the

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Voice Dial Now Available In App Store

Looking for a voice dialing application? A new one that was previously available in for jailbroken phones has just hit the App Store. It's called (not surprisingly) Voice Dial. If it's anything like the previous version, then it should be pretty good, but it carries a hefty price tag at $25. SpeechCloud, another voice dialing app, is offered for free, but reviewers are less than happy with it. You can find Voice Dial in the App Store. [via Gizmodo]


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