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Popcap’s, 4th & Battery Helps Child’s Dream Materialize

Popcap’s experimental label within, 4th & Battery had previously released multiple free titles onto the App Store, but not in a way more significant than their most recently released game, Allied Star Police. The newest work from the sub-company, if you will, was released just yesterday in the App Store

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Apple Issues Public Apology After Briefly Approving ‘Baby Shaker’ App To App Store

Apple issued a public apology yesterday after briefly allowing a 99-cent app by the name of Baby Shaker into the App Store. It was in the store only a short time before complaints from users who found the app offensive led to the app being removed. The app displayed an animation of a crying baby, with the instructions to listen to it for as long as possible before shaking the phone to make the crying stop.


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