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Apple’s Maps Trade Transit Directions for Apps

Among the features found in Google Maps that Apple's own company-developed mapping solution replacing it lacks is a crucial one near-and-dear to city dwellers: transit directions. Instead, Apple is relying on developers to plug in that gaping hole lacking dynamic directions based around train, bus, and subway schedules. Could this be a front in the iOS 6 beta for bigger third-party app integration plans?


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‘Mirror’s Edge’ Coming To iPhone, iPod Touch In 2010

EA has announced Mirror's Edge, a new 3D game for the iPhone and iPod touch based on it's console and PC counterpart. It places you in control of Faith Connors, a member of the underground messenger group called "Runners" who distribute information in a world where it is heavily monitored and restricted. You'll get to use her incredible acrobatic skills to outrun the enemy while delivering messages.


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