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Griffin Announces iPhone-Controlled Toy Helicopter

Prior to today, you could not get a decent remote controlled helicopter, or any other -esque toy, if you will, for the iPhone without also anticipating the hefty price tag that it would come accompanied with. Though today, Griffin announced, via a mass media message, that an iPhone-specific helicopter will

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Palm Releases WebOS 1.1, Restores Pre Syncing to iTunes, Reports Apple to USB Compliance Organization

Palm has released WebOS version 1.1 to Palm Pre users, which reportedly adds quite a few new features and bug fixes including the lost ability to sync with iTunes once again. The ability to sync with iTunes was disabled in the latest iTunes update, leaving Pre users to use whatever crappy media software the Pre comes with. Of course Apple doesn't support syncing the Pre with iTunes, which is why it broke in the first place. Now in a move sure to make Palm look like a bunch of "Pre-tards," the company has decided to file a complaint with the USB Compliance Organization.


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