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Cut the Rope App Review – Cute Artwork Malted Together With Physics to Make the Sweetest of All!

In almost no time at all, the game rose to the top of the charts passing the dominating Angry Birds and claiming the number once spot. Well, after a week or so, the game has been moved down to second place, but that doesn’t take away from its ‘amazing game!’

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Denmark Carrier Announces Prices, iPhone 3G To Have MMS?

Denmark phone carrier Telia has announced their prices and plans for the iPhone 3G that will be launching on July 11th. The 8GB version will cost 1.399 Danish kr and 1.999 Danish kr for the 16GB version. The've also announced a special rate plan called iOn, which comes with 300 minutes and 300MB data. Contracts are also limited to 6 months in that country. Lastly, the announcement also lists unlimited SMS and MMS messages as one of the features of the plan.


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