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HP Discontinues Its iOS Competitors, Drops TouchPad to $99

It is a sad weekend for HP and Palm, as HP has decided to discontinue both the TouchPad as well as webOS phones, including the coveted Pre, effective immediately. Poor sales lead to the too-soon death of devices that showed a strong amount of potential. Unfortunately for webOS, the iPad

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Transform Your iPad Into a Full-Blown Netbook With Trackpad

I have got to admit that this is one of the sleekest “keyboard cases,” a case that features a built-in keyboard that connects to the tablet via Bluetooth, announced for the iPad 2 yet. However, where the Crux Loaded by CruxCase really scores extra points is for the inclusion of

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HP Reveals New webOS Device Lineup, Shamelessly Takes iOS Cues

Jon Rubinstein, former Palm CEO and current HP Senior Vice President, took the stage at a HP/webOS event on Wednesday to reveal a new lineup of webOS 3 devices, which includes two new phones and the highly-anticipated webOS tablet. Rubinstein begins his presentation fiercely by highlighting how Laptop Magazine named

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MagicPad Text Editor Brings Copy/Paste To iPhone (Sort Of)

Apple has yet to offer a viable system-wide copy/paste solution on the iPhone, but Proximi has decided to get as close as they can. Their app, MacicPad, was just made available in the Apple Store. It's a rich text editor for the iPhone and iPod touch that has the addition of one highly requested feature: copy and paste. It doesn't work system-wide, so you can only copy and paste notes from one point in the device to another, but it's a start.


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