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Black Friday – Apple Ranks As Fifth Most Visited Retailer in US

The market research firm, comScore released data today revealing the top five retail websites that were visited the past Friday proceeding Thanksgiving, officially dubbed Black Friday for multiple years now. Apple ranks as number 5.

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Apple Ranks as 21st Biggest Retailer According to US Sales

In a report released annually by the National Retail Federation, Apple ranks 21st in a list of the top 100 retailers based on US sales. The company’s retail and iTunes sales were combined giving Apple a total of $18 billion in sales. According to the list, Apple’s sales rose 32.3%

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The 8 Best Twitter Applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch

For fellow lovers of Twitter: whether they’re free or premium, there are tons of Twitter utilities built for iOS, though only a few are worthy of your purchase. In this post I’ll highlight the best ones and give you a short rundown on each. I’ve spent a painstaking amount of

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Apple’s Greg Joswiak On App Store As A Free Market, App Approval, iPhone Gaming

Apple VP of iPhone and iPod product marketing Greg Joswiak recently sat down with Edge-Online to discuss things like the place of iPhone games in the App Store, and Apple's free market approach to letting games succeed or fail, complaints with the app approval process from developers, the lifting of the NDA, and the iPhone and iPod Touch's place in the mobile gaming industry.


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