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High-Fliers of the App Store

Save for the fact that these birds don’t fly, they truly are the high-fliers of the app store, having accomplished more than any other application or developer could ever dream of. At the top of the charts, four flightless birds reign over the app store. It seems birds, well the

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Hold The Shift Key While Typing

If you're like me, caps lock is rarely used on the iPhone but sometimes you just need the next couple of letters to be capitalized. A good example is if you're typing out something like "OK" or "IM", or any number of other upper-case abbreviations. Thankfully, iPhone's multi-touch is smart enough to allow you use the shift key just like you can on a computer. Simply hold down the shift key while you type on the iPhone's keyboard and every letter will be capitalized. That's sure to save you a few taps every now and then!


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